Collection of the materials related to the Cinema, such as activities, quizzes, productions (…..) or examples from real movies.

ACT01 Vocabulary & Games related to the Cinema.
ACT02 Film Grammar – Shots & Framing.
ACT03 Storyboarding Exercise.
ACT04 Film Roles & Staff.
MAT01 Cinema Storyboard Template 3×3.
MAT02 Cinema Storyboard Template 3×5.
MAT03 Film Table Description.
REA01 The Precursors of Film.
REA02 The Speedy Gonzalez Film History.
EXA01 Movie Posters Classified by Genre.
EXA02 Movies of The Silent Era of Film.
EXA03 The 30 Most Famous Film Scores.
EXA04 Horses and Other Animals in Motion – E. Muybridge.
PST01 Posters of the Cinema Section of the Project.
BIO01 Tim Burton Films & Biography.
LNK03 List of Useful Links related to the Cinema.


ACT01 Vocabulary about the Cinema.
ACT02 Precursors of Film Quiz.
ACT03 Vocabulary about Cinema Genres.
ACT04 Quizzes about Cinema Vocabulary.
ACT05 List of Movie Genres and Examples.
ACT06 Movie Word-searches.
ACT07 Movie Crosswords.
ACT08 Synopses Quizzes.
ACT09 List of Movie Quotations.
ACT10 Kind of Shots, Framing & Composition.
ACT11 Movie’s Crew.
ACT12 Director’s Commands.
ACT13 External Rhythm in Scenes.
ACT14 Vocabulary related to Film-making.
ACT15 Locate Elements in Movie Posters.
ACT16 Designing Movie Posters.
ACT17 List of Film Festivals.
ACT18 Filming Famous Movies Scenes.



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