Collection of the materials related to the Advertising, such as activities, quizzes, productions (…) or examples from real magazines, newspapers or other printed mediums.

ACT02 Activities Related to Advertising.
MAT01 Elements in Advertisements.
MAT02 Colors in Advertising.
MAT03 Illustrated History Timeline of Advertising.
MAT04 Illustrated History Timeline of Marketing.
EXA01 Examples of Ads Classified by Color.
EXA02 65 Slogans of Notable Companies.
EXA03 Examples of Old Printed Adverts.
EXA04 Examples of Companies Logos.
LNK02 List of Useful Links related to the Advertising.


ACT01 Advertising Vocabulary.
ACT02 Vocabulary about Ad Elements.
ACT03 Quiz about Advertising (I).
ACT04 Quiz about Advertising (II).
ACT05 Locate Elements in an Adverts.
ACT06 Colors in Advertisements.
ACT07 Quiz about Colours.
ACT08 Quiz about Slogans.
ACT09 Recognizing Slogans.
ACT10 Creating Slogans for Ads.
ACT11 Analyzing Advertisements.
ACT12 Comparing Old and New Ads.
ACT13 Designing Printed Ads.
ACT14 Designing Logos.
ACT15 Subliminal Messages.




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