Grey’s Anatomy is an American television medical drama that was premiered on the American Broadcast Company (ABC). The series has aired nine seasons, and focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns and resident as they gradually evolve into seasoned doctors while trying to maintain personal lives.


The protagonist is Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), who originally is accepted into the residency program at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith is assigned to work under Dr Miranda Bailey control along with other interns, and she is the main character in the series. She tries to deal with her daily life, living with her two best friends, who also work in the same hospital that her. She has to combine her relationship with Derek , who is his boss too, and her work.

Grey’s Anatomy is the highest-rated drama in the key 18–49 demographic. Previously among the overall top-ten rated shows in the United States, Grey’s Anatomy has been well received by critics. Considered an impact on culture, the series has received numerous awards, and has also been included in various critics’ top ten lists. The show has produced several specials, as well as distributed all seasons to DVD, and released a collection of merchandise. In 2012, Grey’s Anatomy was named the fifth-highest revenue earning show, in terms of advertising per half-hour.

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Anatomia de Grey és una sèrie de televisió americana del gènere de drama mèdic que fou emesa per primera vegada al canal American Broadcast Company (ABC). La sèrie es va emetre durant nou temporades, i es centra en les vides i confictes entre interns   i residents, i com evolucionen gradualment fins a convertir-se en doctors mentre tracten de mantenir les seves vides personals.

La protagonista és Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), que inicialment es acceptada com a resident al programa del fictici hospital Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith treballa baix la supervisió de Dr Miranda Bailey juntament amb altres interns. Ella tracta de conciliar la seva vida diària, convivint amb els seus dos millors amics, que també treballen en el mateix hospital que ella. Ella ha de combinar la seva relació amb Derek , qui és també el seu cap al treball.

Anatomia de Grey és el drama més vist pels espectadors entre 18 i 49 anys. Considerada un impacte cultural, la sèrie ha rebut nombrosos premis i també ha sigut inclosa a la llista de les 10 millors sèries. S’ha produit nombrosos capítols especials, i s’han distribuit totes les temprades en DVD, a més de comercialitzar nombrosos articles de mercadotècnia.


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