Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome (black-and-white) or colored, with or without accompanying sound. “Television” may also refer specifically to a television set, television programming, or television transmission.

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Television (TV) és un mitjà de comunicació per a transmetre i rebre imatges en moviment que poden ser monocromàtiques (blanc i negre) o en color, amb o sense l’acompanyament de’àudio o so. El terme “Televisió” s’empra també per a referir-se a l’equip, a la programació o transmissió.

A continuació podeu llegir una àmplia llista de termes relacionats amb la televisió.


Color Color Color adjective: a television that shows color images.
Continuity Continuitat Continuidad noun: the arrangement of scenes in a TV program that makes it seem as if the action continues without interruption.
Live En directe En directo adverb: if something can ve watched at the same time as it happens.
On-air Emissió Emisión adjective: broadcast during a radio or television program.
On-screen En pantalla En pantalla adjective: happening or being in a television program.
Peak time Franja de màxima audiència Franja de máxima audiencia noun: the prime time television viewing hours.
Programming Programació Programación noun: the planning and development of television programs.
Broadcast Programació Programación noun: the programs that a particular tv station broadcasts.
Rating Índex d’audiència Índice de audiencia noun: a list showing which programs have the most people watching them.
Watershed Franja per adults Franja para adultos noun: a time in the evening when tv station start to broadcast programs that are only suitable for adults.
Widescreen Pantalla panoràmica Pantalla panoràmica adjective: a screen that gives a wider view than a normal screen.
Off (the) air No emissió No emisión no longer broadcasting on radio or television.
On (the) air En emissió En emisión on radio or television
Broadcast Emetre Emitir verb: to send out messages or programs to be recieved by radios or televisions.
Report Informar Informar verb: to give information about something in a news article or broadcast.
Bleep out Xiulet Pitido verb: to replace a swearword in a television broadcast with a short high sound, so that people are not offended.
Edit Editar Editar verb: to make changes to a television program befre it is shown.
Front Presentador Presentador verb: to be the main person who appears in a tv program and tells people what is happening in each part of the program.
Narration Narració Narración noun: spoken information about what is happening in a tv program, given by someone who you don’t see.
Camera Càmara Cámara noun: a piece of equipment used for making tv programs, fims or videos.
Remote control Comandament a distància Mando a distancia noun: a piece of equipment that you use for controlling a television from a short distance away.
Set Equip Equipo noun: the part of a radio or tv that receives broadcast signals.
V-Cihp Control parental Control parental noun: an electronic chip put in a tv so that parents can control what their children watch.
CRT Tub de rajos catòlics Tubo de rayos católicos abbreviation: cathode ray tube.
Antenna Antena  Antena noun: an aerial.
Bring in Portar  Traer verb: to involve someone in a radio or TV discussion.
Guest Convidar Invitar verb: if a famous person guests on a TV show, they appear in it on a particular occasion because they have been invited to.
Production Producció Producción noun: the process of organizing the work and money involved in making TV programs.
Break Primícia Primicia verb: to publish a news story for the first time.
Update Actualització Actualización noun: a report or broadcast containing all the latest news or information.
Satellite TV Televisió per satèl·lit Televisión por satélite noun: TV programs that are sent to your television using satellite communications.
Pilot Episodi pilot Episodio piloto noun: a TV program that is broadcast to find out if people would enjoy a whole series.
Series Sèries Series noun: a set of TV programs that are boradcast one after another.
The God slot Franja religiosa Franja religiosa noun: the time at which religious programs are usually broadcast on television or radio.
Free-to-air Programa gratuït Programa gratuito adjective: TV programs that can ve watched without having to pay anything extra.
Television Televisió Televisión noun; telly, the tube, the small screen, the goggle-box, the box, the boob tube, TV.

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