Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a 2007 horror musical film directed by Tim Burton. It is an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s Tony Award-winning 1979 musical. It re-tells the Victorian melodramatic tale of Sweeney Todd, an English barber and serial killer who murders his customers with a straight razor and, with the help of his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, processes their corpses into meat pies.


Sweeney Todd.

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In the 19th century, Benjamin Barker , a skilled barber, returns to London ssuming the alias “Sweeney Todd“, accompanied by sailor Anthony Hope . Fifteen years earlier, Barker had been falsely charged and banished by the corrupt Judge Turpin , who had lusted after his wife, Lucy . At Mrs. Nellie Lovett’s meat pie shop on Fleet Street, he learns that Lucy poisoned herself with arsenic after Turpin raped her. Todd’s teenage daughter Joannha is now Turpin’s ward and, like her mother before her, is the object of Turpin’s lust. Todd vows revenge, reopening his barber shop in the upstairs flat after Mrs. Lovett returns his old straight razors to him.

While roaming London, Anthony spots Johanna in an upstairs room of a large house singing to her birds, and a beggar woman tells him her name. Anthony is instantly smitten with her, and Turpin invites him in, only for Turpin’s associate Beadle Bamford to throw him out. Though Bamford warns Anthony that he will be punished if he is seen there again, the sailor becomes convinced that he and Johanna are meant to be together.

sweeney todd

Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett.

During a visit to the marketplace, Todd denounces a fraudulent hair tonic by faux-Italianbarbe Adolfo Pirelli , and humiliates him in a public shaving contest, winning £5 and gaining the attention of Beadle Bamford. A few days later, Pirelli and his boy assistant Tobias Ragg arrive. Mrs. Lovett keeps Toby occupied downstairs, while in the parlor Pirelli reveals himself to be Todd’s former assistant, Davy Collins, and threatens to reveal Todd’s secret to Beadle Bamford unless Todd gives him half his earnings. Instead of giving Pirelli a payoff, Todd beats him with a boiling kettle. He then stuffs Pirelli in a trunk to hide him from Toby, later slitting his throat upon realizing that he is still alive.

After receiving some advice from Beadle, Turpin, intending to propose to Johanna, pays a visit to Todd’s parlor to groom himself. Todd shaves Turpin while preparing to slit his throat; before he can do so, however, he is interrupted by Anthony, who bursts in and reveals his plan to elope with Johanna before he realizes Turpin is there. Turpin leaves enraged, vowing never to return. His chance at revenge missed, Todd swears revenge on the entire world and vents his murderous rage upon his customers while waiting for another chance to kill Turpin. He kills aristocrats and commoners alike, believing that he is punishing the former for their exploitation of those below them, while saving the latter from their misery. Mrs. Lovett becomes his willing accomplice, suggesting they dispose of the bodies by baking them into pies to improve her business. Anthony begins to search for Johanna.

The barbering and pie-making business prospers, and Lovett takes in Toby. With both of the shops being such a success, Mrs. Lovett tells an uninterested Todd of her plans to marry him and move to the seaside. Anthony finally discovers Johanna’s whereabouts, and under advice from Todd, he poses as a wig-maker’s apprentice, who are allowed into asylums to collect hair for wigs, thus providing him the access he needs to rescue Johanna. Todd comes up with a new plan to lure Turpin back, and has Toby deliver a letter to him telling him where Johanna will be brought when Anthony frees her. Toby has become wary of Todd and tells Mrs. Lovett, unaware of her role in the crimes: he promises to protect her, loving her as a surrogate mother only to discover that she possesses his old boss Pirelli’s purse, but she quickly explains that it was a gift from Todd and that she is not suspicious of him and so Toby shouldn’t either. Beadle Bamford arrives at the barber shop, informing them that neighbors complain of the stink coming out of the chimney. He is murdered by Todd, and Mrs. Lovett informs him of Toby’s suspicions. The pair search for Toby, whom Mrs. Lovett has locked in the basement bakehouse to keep him out of the way. Toby is having hidden in the sewers after seeing the Beadle’s body drop into the room from the trap door above, as well as finding a toe in a pie. Meanwhile, Anthony frees Johanna and brings her to the shop in disguise, while locking an asylum staff-member in a cell, where it is implied the inmates kill him. In Todd’s shop Johanna hides herself in a trunk in a corner of the room while Anthony finds a coach.

The insane beggar woman who has been pestering Todd, Lovett and Anthony throughout the film makes her way into the shop seemingly searching for the Beadle. As Todd enters, she claims that she recognizes him. Just then, Turpin’s voice is heard. Todd quickly slits the beggar woman’s throat and deposits her body through the trap door. As Turpin enters, Todd explains to him that Johanna had repented, and offers a free shave. Todd reveals his true identity to Turpin and stabs him in the neck numerous times before finally slitting his throat and dropping him through the trap door. As Johanna peeks out of the trunk, Todd spots her and prepares to slit her throat as well, not recognizing her as his daughter. Upon hearing a scream from Lovett, he is distracted. He tells Johanna to “forget my face”, and leaves her alive in his shop. Todd runs to the basement, where he discovers that the beggar woman was his wife Lucy, whom he had believed to be dead based on Lovett’s account of the poisoning. Todd realizes that Lovett knew Lucy was alive, and she attempts to convince him that she misled him for his own good, confessing she loves him. Todd pretends to forgive her, waltzingmaniacally with her around the bakehouse before hurling her into the open furnace and locking her in. He returns to Lucy and cradles her dead body in his arms. Having witnessed the death of the only mother he has ever known, a vengeful Toby emerges from the sewer, picks up the discarded razor and slits Todd’s throat. The film ends with Toby walking away as Todd bleeds to death over his dead wife.




Sweeney Todd: El Barber Diavòlic del Carrer Fleet és una pel·lícula musical de terror de 2007 dirigida per Tim Burton. Es tracta d’una adaptació de Stephen Sondheim i Hugh Wheeler  guanyador d’un premi Tony en 1979. La pel·lícula refà el conte victorià melodramàtic de Sweeney Todd, un barber anglès i assassí en sèrie que mata als seus clients amb el raó i, amb l’ajuda de la seva còmplice, Mrs. Lovett, i desquartissa les seves víctimes en trossos de carn.

En el segle XIX, Benjamin Barker , un experimentat barber, retorna a Londres assumint el nom de “Sweeney Todd“, ve acompanyat per el mariner Anthony Hope . Quinze anys abans, Barker havia estat falsament jutjat I condemnat pel Jutge corrupte Turpin , qui havia desitjat la seva muller, Lucy . Nellie Lovett és una botiga on venen pastissos de carn al Carrer de Flota, Lovve decobreix que Lucy es va enverinar amb arsènic després de se raptada per Turmin. La filla adolescent Johanna de Todd és ara la filla de Turpin i, com la seva mare abans el seu objecte de luxúria. Todd jura vejança, reobrint la seva barberia a dalt de la botiga de Lovvet I ella li torna les seves velles navalles.

Mentre volteja per London, Anthony veu a Johanna en un pis d’una casa gran que canta als seus ocells, i una dona li diu el seu nom. Anthony s´enamora tot d´una d´ ella ,Turpin el convida a la seva associació per advertir-lo de uqe no vol tornar-lo a veure mirant a la seva filla.Ell queda convençut que la Johanna I ell estan fets l ´un per l´altre.

Durant una visita al mercat, Todd denuncia un fraudulent tònic per als cabells d´un barber italià Adolfo Pirelli , i l´humilia dins una competició d’afeitar pública, guanyant 5£ i obtenint l’atenció de Beadle Bamford. Uns quants dies més tard, Pirelli i el seu ajudant de nom Tobias Ragg arriba. Lovett manté Toby ocupat a baix, mentre en la barberia Pirelli es revela per ser l’ajudant anterior de Todd, Davy Collins, i aguaita per revelar el secret de Todd a Beadle Bamford llevat que Todd li dóna la meitat dels seus ingressos. En comptes de donar el dobles li dóna un cop al cap. Llavors emboteix a Pirelli dins un baül per amagar-lo de Toby, més tard li talla el coll quan decobreix que està viu.

Després de rebre algun consell de Beadle, Turpin, pretenent proposar a Johanna, paga una visita a Todd . Todd afaita Turpin mentre es prepara per tallar-li la gola;abans de que ho pugui fer és interromput per Anthony que li conta les veves intencions de casar-se amb la Johanna abans de veure que Turpin és allà.p. Turpin jura no tornar mai. Todd perd la seva oportunitat així que jura revenja al món sencer I comença a matar als seus clients esperant una altra oportunitat . Mata aristòcrates I pobres igualment, creient que està castigant l’anterior per la seva explotació . Lovett proposa que utilitzin els cossos per fer els pastissos de carn I així millorar el seu negoci. . Mentrestant, Anthony comença a cercar a Johanna.

El barber I la botiga prosperen I Lovvet acolleix a Tobby. Sent les dues botigues tant exitoses li diu a Todd que té l´intenció de casar-se amb ell I anar a Seaside. Anthony finalment descobreix on és la Joahanna, i sota consell de Todd,es fa passar per un aprenent de perruquer, que es permeten en els asils per recollir el cabell per perruques, el que li proporciona l’accés que necessita per rescatar Johanna. Todd se li ocorre un nou pla per atreure a Turpin , i li envia una carta a Tobby per dir-li que s´enportaran la Johanna després de ser alliberada per Anthoni.Toby desconfia de Todd i li diu a la senyora Lovett, conscient del seu paper en els crims: ell promet protegir-la, estimar-la com a mare substituta només per descobrir que ella posseeix la bossa del seu antic cap Pirelli, però li ella explica ràpidament que va ser un regal de Todd i que ella no sospita d’ell i així Toby tampoc ho fa. Beadle Bamford arriba a la barberia, informant-los que els veïns es queixen del pudor que surt de la xemeneia. És assassinat per Todd, i Lovett li informa de les sospites de Toby. La parella busca a Toby, qui Lovett ha tancat amb clau en el forn del soterrani perquè no el trobin. Toby està amagat a les clavegueres després de veure la caiguda del cos de a l’habitació des de la porta del parany anterior, i d´haver trobat un dit dins un pastís. Mentrestant, Anthony allibera Johanna i la porta a la botiga de disfresses, mentre que el bloqueig d’un membre del personal d’asil en una cel · la, on es dóna a entendre que l´intenta matar. A la botiga de Todd Johanna s’amaga en un bagul en una cantonada de l’habitació, mentre que Anthony es troba un entrenador.

La dona de captaire dement que ha estat vigilant Todd, Lovett i Anthony per tota la pel·lícula entra a la botiga aparentment buscant a Beadle. Mentre Todd entra I reclama que el reconegui. Just llavors, es sent la veu de Turpin. Todd de pressa talla la gola de la dona de captaire i diposita el seu cos a través de la porta de la trampa. Mentre Turpin entra , Todd li explica que la Johanna s´ha arrepentit i li ofereix una afaitada gratuïta. Todd revela la seva identitat a Turpin I comença a apunyalar-lo fins que finalment li talla la gola I el deixa caure cap a la trampeta.Mentre Johanna mira d’amagat del baul, Todd la descobreix i es disposa a tallar-li la gola , no la reconeix com la seva filla.Sent un crit de Lovvet I es distreu. Diu a la Johanna “oblida la meva cara”, i la deixa viva . Todd corr cap al soterrani, on descobreix que la dona de captaire era la seva muller Lucy, qui creia que esteia morta ja que Lovett li havia dit que anys enrere li havia venut verí. Todd s’adona de que *Lovett sabia que Lucy era viva, i intenta convèncer-lo de que ho havia fet pel seu bé I perquè l´estimava. Todd pretén perdonar a Lovett, la manipula I la tanca dins el forn amb clau. Va a veure la seva dona I abraça el seu cos mort. Toby que havia vist com matava a la seva “mare” talla la gola a Todd. Al final de pel·lícula Tobby envolta per devora Todd mentres es desagna damunt la seva muller morta.


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