Sam saw a bottle floating in the sea. There was something inside it. He took it out.

“What is it?” asked Sarah. “It’s a map! It’s a map!”

They looked round and saw a talking parrot. “Buried treasure! Buried treasure!”

“Wow! A treasure map! Let’s follow it.” “Maybe it’s gold!” “Or silver?” “Or jewels?”

“OK. We are here and the treasure is here.” “Let’s go! I’ll read,” said the parrot.

“Walk 80 metres north.” “1, 2, 3…..78, 79, 80.” “Turn right at the big coconut tree and go straight on until the crocodile pond. Cross the bridge, turn left and keep walking. Turn right in front of the big, round rock. Walk straight ahead for 50 metres.” “1, 2,3…..48, 49, 50.” “Go through the cave. Mind the bats! Mind the bats! Walk straight on until the beach. Go along the beach for 200 metres. The treasure is behind the square rock.”

“Over there! Over there!” Parrot shouted.
“It’s empty!” cried Sarah.

Inside there was an old note: ‘Dear Finder, Sorry, but I took my gold. I needed to buy a new pirate ship. Bye, Captain Red-beard.’

“Well, at least we had a nice walk,” said Sam. “Yes, and we made a new friend!”.


Roser Galmés Ortiz




Marc Servera Caldentey