It was Sonia’s birthday. She had a new game. “Dinosaur Dinonino!” said Sonia. “Fantastic! This is just what I wanted!” Sonia decided to try her new game. She switched on the computer, put the game in and looked at the screen. A strange icon appeared. Sonia clicked on the icon. FLASH!

“Where am I?” said Sonia. “You’re in Dinosaur Dig,” said the boy next to her.

“We have to find old dinosaur bones.”

“Here’s one!” said Sonia. She picked up a golden bone that was hidden under a bush.

“No!” shouted the boy. “You mustn’t pick the golden ones up! Now watch out for the dinosaur!” Suddenly they heard a noise behind them. The ground began to shake. They heard a dinosaur roar. “RUN!”

Sonia and the boy ran fast through the bushes, but the dinosaur was getting closer. Sonia and the boy hid behind a bush. “What will happen if the dinosaur catches us?” asked Sonia. “Well, the game is over! But I’ve got three lives left. How many have you got?” “Only one!”

“ROAR!!” the dinosaur was there! “Look!” shouted Sonia. There was the same icon that she saw on her computer. Sonia touched the icon. FLASH! Sonia was at home, sitting at her computer. She looked at the game. “Bye, bye, dino,” she said. “Hmmm. Maybe I’ll play a different game.”


Natàlia Torres Reverte




Miquel Roman Gayà