Examples of ads and colors.


Bellow you can see some real ads from magazines where they use colors in order to evoke sensations and feelings. Click on the images in order to see more ads.


Exemples d’anuncis i colors.


A continuació podem veure varis anuncis reals de revistes on s’empren els colors per a evocar sensacions i sentiments. Fes clic a sobre les imatges per veure més anuncis.


Click to View Ads in Red

Adverts in Red / Anuncis en Vermell.

Click to View Ads in Green

Adverts in Green / Anuncis en Verd.

Click to View Ads in Blue

Adverts in Blue / Anuncis en Blau.

Click to View Ads in Yellow

Adverts in Yellow / Anuncis en Groc.

Click to View Adverts in Orange

Adverts in Orange / Anuncis en Taronja.

Click to View Ads in Pink

Adverts in Pink / Anuncis en Rosa.



Published by :

Toni Ramírez Duran.