ACT 16 – Imaginary Interview to a VIP.


Who is Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson is a hard-rock singer from the USA, famous to be the most weird celebrity of this century. There are a lot of urban legends about him because of his appearance and the meaning of his songs, but he says that he is an ordinary person in spite of his music and look



1.How are you going with your new tour?

Well, it’s being an amazing tour trough the Catapún Islands. The native people are very kind, they like my music, and I like them. It’s fine to eat maggots together!

2.Have there been any complaints from people who don’t like your presence in their cities?

Yeah, but I don’t care about that people, I just eat them.

3.Are you still bothering with Satanism?


4.I think there is a confusion about what Satanism is and about you for being satanic. What do you think about that?

Yeah, I think that being satanic is to choose a diferent way of live, like living in the mountains and eat bats for dinner every day with Ozzy.

5.As you know, people in Latin America are very religious. Do you think somebody can be devoted to Christianity and be a fan of Marilyn Manson at the same time ?

Yes, I’m completely sure it’s possible. It’s like be from the IAEA and being a terrorist at the same time, it’s possible, but rare.

6.What is your idea of God?

It’s a guy who left us on the Earth and does everything he can to make our lives harder.

7.How is a normal day for you?

Wake up, eat, sing, eat, sleep.

8.Some years ago, when a terrible thing happened in the USA, Marilyn Manson was always blamed for that, does this still happen?

Yes, but I’m not going to say anything about that issue.

9.Do you like to listen to your music or do you prefer to listen to other types?

Honestly, I hate my music, i prefer to listen ti “Kali y el Dandee” and the “Aserejé”.

10.You have done a remix of ”love games” with Lady Gaga, how was the experience like?

ACT 16 – Entrevista Imaginària a un VIP.


Qui és Marilyn Manson?



1) Que és la vida?

La vida és una tom-tom-tombola de llum i de color.

2) Els narvals són Unicorns evolucionats?

No, són el resultat de la fusió de balenes i unicorns.

3) Si es neix sord, en quin idioma pensam?

En la llengua dels dracs.

4) Si “con” és el contrari de “pro”, “congrés” és el contrari de “Progrés”?

Si, de totes les maneres.

5)De totes les persones que has a entrevistat, amb quina has gaudit més?

He entrevistat a molta gent però amb la persona amb la que més he gaudit ha estat amb “La Blasa”

6) Quina és la causa de tots els problemes?

Les lleis, la religió, els diners, el sistema, la societat y la humanitat.

7) Lamarck o Darwin?


8) Pedra, paper, tisores, llangardaix, Spock?


9) Pots explicar algun malson que hagis tengut?

Un somi en el que un gripau s’enriu de jo. També hem segeix a Twitter.

10) Com pots adquirir experiència per al treball, si això és un requeriment de feina?

Matant a tothom

11) Cactus o ficus?


12) Una atractiva rossa, o una pél-roja sexy?

Perquè no les puc tenir a les dues?

13) Batman o Spiderman?


14) QUina és la diferència entre un gos i un polític?

El renou que fan quan moren

15) Per acabar, MacGyver o l’equip a?

Walker Texas Ranger


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